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We are a publisher of math books for gifted and advanced students in grades K-12. We also offer enrichment materials by other publishers in the areas of Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, and Character Development. If you are looking for something that is not on our web site, we may be able to get it for you through our suppliers. Please give us a call (563-583-4767) or e-mail (


If you have questions about any of our materials or are interested in bringing Ed Zaccaro to your district or area for a math workshop please contact us. We accept purchase orders from schools and libraries in the US by fax or mail. If you need a printable order form please click on the "Printable Order Form" link.

Featured Books

This book is for teachers, parents, and homeschool teachers of children ages 2-12 who want to provide a strong foundation for early math concepts and build upon those skills with more complex mathematical thinking. More than 550 engaging problems with increasing levels of difficulty, along with activities and resources, give children opportunities to practice skills and reinforce learning.

Pathways to Mathematical Understanding

Keep math challenging, interesting, and relevant with this new book by math educator Ed Zaccaro. The book includes 50 high-interest true scenarios in which math made a difference to those involved, whether it be health, finances, quality of life, or knowledge of the world. Students will need insight, intuition, creative problem solving and collaboration to find the solutions for each investigation. 

When Math Matters

Upper Elementary Challenge Math

Designed for those students in grades 3-5 who need more challenging material. As in other Zaccaro math books, problems are presented at 4 levels of difficulty after each chapter’s instruction. In addition, each chapter includes multiple “problem sets” in which a single problem type is presented in increasingly complex steps.

Challenge Math

The fun lessons in this book teach difficult concepts in areas such as statistics, probability, algebra, physics, trigonometry and astronomy. Over 1000 leveled problems. Grades 4-9.

Real World Algebra

This book explains how to translate word problems into the math language of algebra in an easy-to-understand format using cartoons and drawings. The problems in this book help students master the application of algebraic skills, as well as understand the value of algebra in the real world. Grades 4-9

This unique collection of classroom lessons, readings, and discussion starters will excite your talented mathematicians and scientists and clearly show the strong connections between science and math in the world we live in. Grades 4-12.

The 10 Things All Future Mathematicians and Scientists Must Know

Primary Grade Challenge Math

This book offers a higher level of material that goes beyond calculation skills for those children who enter the primary grades already knowing basic concepts. Grades 1-4.

This book gives every math student a tool belt of problem-solving strategies he or she can call upon when solving word problems. Leveled problems for differentiation. Grades 4-12

Becoming a Problem Solving Genius

Features real-world mathematics inquiries that allow students to see the power of mathematics. Explore the danger of short term loans, the math in music, and more. Grades 4-12.

25 Real Life Math Investigations