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When Math Matters

When Math Matters


233 pages

Grades 5-12

  • Description

    Keep math challenging, interesting, and relevant with this new book by math educator Ed Zaccaro. The book includes 50 high interest true scenarios in which math made a difference to those involved, whether it be health, finances, quality of life, or knowledge of the world. Students will need insight, intuition, creative problem solving and collaboration to find the solutions for each investigation. They will learn why their school or group needs to do math before having a tug-of-war, find out how a misplaced decimal point can hurt or help them; decide whether to buy a hybrid car or take out a student loan. They will use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine if a cabinet will fit in their house, use algebra to determine how to price crafts they want to sell and how to determine shipping costs. Students will also learn what happened to 19th century whalers when they didn’t understand fractions, and how to avoid being tricked by manipulated data and statistics. Problems that test a student’s understanding of the concepts taught in each investigation are presented at four levels of difficulty.

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