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Becoming a Problem Solving Genius

Becoming a Problem Solving Genius

320 pages 
Grades 4-12

    Every math student needs a tool belt of problem solving strategies to call upon when solving word problems. In addition to many traditional strategies, this book includes new techniques such as Think 1, the 2-10 method, and others developed by math educator Ed Zaccaro. Each unit contains problems at five levels of difficulty to meet the needs of not only the average math student, but also the highly gifted. Answer key and detailed solutions are included.

    Chapter 1: Think 1 
    Chapter 2: The 2-10 Method 
    Chapter 3: Sometimes You Must Subtract 
    Chapter 4: Draw a Picture 
    Chapter 5: Venn Diagrams 
    Chapter 6: Language of Algebra 
    Chapter 7: Solving Equations 
    Chapter 8: Solving Algebra Problems 
    Chapter 9: Logic 
    Chapter 10: The Power of Ratios 
    Chapter 11: Function Machines 
    Chapter 12: Don't Be Fooled 
    Chapter 13: The Eccentric Mathematician 
    Chapter 14: Permutations 
    Chapter 15: Understanding Bases 
    Chapter 16: Who Wants to be a Googolillionaire? 
    Chapter 17: Contests

  • What people are saying...

    "This is another great addition to any teacher's resource material. In fact, if I only had Becoming a Problem Solving Genius in addition to the other Zaccaro books, I wouldn't need anything else. The format, humor and challenge captivates and motivates the students."

    - Carol Kinder, teacher in Darien Illinois

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