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Scammed by Statistics

Scammed by Statistics

245 pages 
Grades 6-adult

    (How We Are Lied to, Cheated, and Manipulated by Statistics...and Why You Should Care)

    We are continually bombarded by charts, graphs, and quotes from various studies with the goal of influencing our opinions, health, or buying habits, yet we seldom know if we are being manipulated, deceived, and lied to by those presenting the data. It is imperative that we know how to interpret statistics and are aware of the numerous techniques that are used to distort and misuse numbers. Scammed by Statistics uses countless real examples to illustrate the good and evil of numbers while providing the knowledge to properly interpret statistical data, ask the right questions, and avoid bad decision-making. Readers will never again be able to read the news, watch TV, or read a magazine without a degree of healthy skepticism.

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