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They Broke the Law

They Broke the Law

208 Pages
Grades 6+

    You Be The Judge

    Fifteen-year old Adam makes a threat in school. Olivia, 14, steals a car. Nine-year old Philip is charged with assaulting his mother. Joshua, 15, cuts school. Should Adam go to jail? What about Olivia? Could counseling help Philip and his mom?

    What happens when students are asked these questions? Exciting and involving discussions result! In this book students are invited to preside over 21 real-life cases heard in the courtroom of the author, a juvenile judge. The facts are exactly as they happened. Student will read about the crime and each teen’s background. They will then be asked to choose from a range of possible punishments and services: jail time, probation, community service, fines or restitution, placement in foster care, and more. Students will also have the opportunity to come up with their own recommendations. Then they will find out what really happened in each case and the judge’s explanation of his decision. Each case also has follow up information about what happened to the teen later.

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