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Scientific Method in the Fairy Tale Forest

Scientific Method in the Fairy Tale Forest

112 pages
Grades 3-6

    Can one night of dancing really wear out a pair of shoes? Could a wolf really blow down a straw house?

    This book draws on fairy tales as the context for practicing the scientific method and learning scientific knowledge. In combining reading with science, skills such as critical thinking, inquiry, data collection, and written expression are developed. Other strategies such as cooperative learning, summarizing, note taking, and generating and testing hypotheses are also integrated. Activities support the National Science Education Standards and encompass:
    Earth Science-the sun, weather, light energy
    Health Science-anatomy, criminology, human observation
    Life Science-ecology, animals, biology, plants and life cycles
    Physical Science-chemical and physical change, matter, physics, friction

    The goal of these activities is to teach and allow students to become fluent in the scientific method and encourage them to notice the possibility for testing scientific principles in other areas of their lives. Show them the excitement in asking and finding the answers to their own questions!

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