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Reality Math for Teens

Reality Math for Teens

160 pages
Grades 6-12

    Which car can you afford to buy? Can you afford the house that you want to buy? How does the stock market work? How do credit card companies determine finance charges? Help students answer these questions and develop financial literacy as they use this resource. In simulations, students use math and problem solving skills for an authentic purpose and learn to make good financial, real-world decisions. Each topic begins with a story about Mrs. Green. Students are introduced to a financial concept, see how to do the math for that situation, and then students apply their learned math skills to a real-life situation. Topics include: 

    - Buying a car 
    - Using credit cards 
    - Investing money 
    - The lottery 
    - Paying taxes 
    - IRA's 

    Includes lesson plans and variations, reproducible pages, and answer keys.

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