Math Quest Series: Set of THREE

Math Quest Series: Set of THREE



48 pages each

Grades 2-6


    A series that motivates children to apply math through engaging adventure stories, readers progress through the book according to the answers they give to the problems. If correct, the reader moves on to the next part of the story. If incorrect, the math is explained before the reader is directed back to try again. A high interest blend of literacy and math kids will love. Full color graphics through-out.


    Museum of Mysteries: Numbers
    Race against time to solve the clues and save the Golden Hoard. If you fail, the treasure will be lost forever 


    Mansion of Mazes: Shape, Space, & Measures

    The Mansion has been burgled and you have been asked to solve the mystery. If you fail, the villains will escape. 


    Planet of Puzzles: Data Handling

    Space Station Alpha has been captured by aliens, and only you can rescue it. If you fail, the aliens will take over the planet! 


    Cavern of Clues: Calculations

    Pirate Black Beard has buried his gold,and you have the map. If you fail, you will be trapped inside the cavern! 

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