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Math Analogies for 6th-8th Students

Math Analogies for 6th-8th Students

80 Pages
Grades 6-8

    Using Critical Thinking Skills in the Math Classroom

    The math analogies in these unique math books can be used to teach thinking skills to all students, as anchor activities, or as enrichment. Pages are reproducible and can be laminated and placed in learning centers, assigned as homework, or used as warm ups before class begins.

    Students learn to think critically by completing visual and verbal math analogies and finding close relationships for each analogy. Each analogy challenges their mathematical thinking just as verbal/language analogies challenge students in the reading classroom. The math analogies correlate to Common Core standards for abstract and quantitative reasoning and to national standards identified by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in K-5th grade: 

    Number and Operations 
    Data Analysis and Probabiity
    Problem Solving
    Reasoning and Proof

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