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Becoming a Master Teacher

Becoming a Master Teacher

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240 pages


    Veteran teacher Dennis Healy draws on 33 years in the classroom to provide a perspective on the teacher's career through all its stages. From student teaching and that first job interview through early years, mentoring other teachers, and pre-retirement, he provides insight and practical advice about what to expect at each stage and what it takes to become a master teacher. Authentic case studies offer an opportunity to reflect and ask, "What would I do in this situation?" New teachers will be inspired and experienced teachers will be reminded of why they chose teaching as a career.

    Cartoon illustrations add interest and highlight the points made. Commentary on the case studies is provided in the back. This book is not only a great resource for new and pre-service teachers but also provides a way for K-12 educators to reflect on their own professional development.

  • What People Are Saying...

    "For the past seventeen years, Dennis Healy has provided support and encouragement as I grew as an educator and built my career. His passion for the profession has been an inspiration to countless novice and experienced teachers who have had the opportunity to work with him. This book makes it possible for Dennis to inspire and advise anyone who opens its pages. The collection of case studies are taken from the real world and answer those most frequently asked questions from my college students. The book offers insight into teaching from its initial stages through retirement, so educators will find themselves turning to it again and again throughout their careers. It's like having a master teacher in the room next door."

    - Sandra Beisker
    Student Needs Facilitator, Dubuque Senior High School
    Instructor, Loras College Department of Education

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